ENERGETAB 2016 Bielsko-Biala 13 - 15 Septemberr

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Power industry fair ENERGETAB 2016 in full sun

About 750 exhibitors from 22 countries in Europe and Asia showcased their latest products at the ENERGETAB international energy fair, which finished on September 15, 2016. The fair exhibition occupied almost 40000 square meters in a charming location at the foot of Dębowiec and Szyndzielnia Mountains.

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Hoping to increase investment and modernization work in the Polish energy sector, the exhibitors came to the largest power industry fair in Central Europe to show their modern machinery, equipment, devices and technology used to enhance the reliability of electricity transmission and to improve the efficiency of its production and use.

The range of the presented equipment and apparatus was very wide. It included transformer stations, switchgear, circuit breakers, apparatus transformers, cables and wires, renewable energy systems, measuring systems, automation systems, data transmission and processing systems, UPS, generators and drives, electricity pylons of LV, MV and even 110 kV, the light source using LED technology, their fittings, a whole range of specialised vehicles, platforms, tools, accessories and many other products and services.

At virtually every stand you could see interesting innovations - some understandable perhaps only to a narrow group of specialists. There were also devices and systems used to support the production of energy from renewable sources, despite some slowdown in these investments this year.

The fair was accompanied by conferences and seminars, several corporate presentations and many less formal meetings of the exhibitors with their contractors, including many representatives of the largest industry investors.

The workshops organized by the Polish Power Transmission and Distribution Association had a high level of content. Its participants discussed issues of monitoring and evaluation of the technical condition of transformer stations MV/LV and HV switchgear, automatic fault location in MV networks and automation switches in these networks. As in the previous year, the Polish Electrical Installation Association organized a conference on topics related to Smart Grid technologies. One of the conference panels was organized by the Czech Trade Agency, who is seeking to strengthen cooperation between Polish and Czech producers. The Association of Polish Electricians marked its presence by trying to create a partnership council between the electrical industry and energy sector.

Among the 55 innovative products submitted to the competition for the most outstanding product presented at the fair, the Cup of the Minister of Energy was awarded to the "automation FDIR system based on recloser THO-RC27" manufactured by ZPUE S.A./ Group Koronea.
The Award of the Mayor of Bielsko-Biala, in the form of a sculpture of an "energy man" by the artist Bronislaw Krzysztof was presented to "luminaries CUDDLE with dedicated booms" manufactured by the Producer of Lighting Equipment "ROSA".
The Lion Statue of the Kazimierz Szpotański Foundation was awarded to a "parallel active harmonic filter (APF-100)" submitted by ELSTA ELEKTRONIKA from Wieliczka.

As usual, the stand of the Strategic Partner of the fair, TAURON Polska Energia, attracted many visitors. This year TAURON encouraged the use of electric vehicles and organized a competition, with a ride in an electric car as one of the awards. Speaking of electric vehicles, it is worth mentioning that the company ELECTRUM from Bialystok donated a charging station for electric cars to the Bielsko-Biala city during the fair.

A multimedia competition, which was organized for the first time at the fair, sparked great interest among the visitors. The Exhibitors who had decided to be sponsors of the prizes at the fair used the prizes as an additional marketing tool during the presentation of their offers. About 1.5 thousand visitors logged on their smartphones to a special wi-fi network and participated in the competition. The participants who did well and quickly responded to difficult questions were surprised by the high value of the prizes, which included a smartwatch, a gold watch, a tablet, electronic document readers, etc. The interest that was raised by the fair multimedia competition among the visitors will certainly draw attention of the exhibitors at the next year's ENERGETAB fair as a new and attractive form of promoting their companies and their new products.
Approximately 20,000 visitors from home and abroad came to get acquainted with the latest developments at the fair this year, and they also enjoyed sunny weather. We would like to thank all the participants for such a large participation in a very successful fair this year.

ZIAD Bielsko-Biala, the fair organizer, takes this opportunity to invite exhibitors and visitors to participate in the next year's fair, which will be the jubilee 30th edition of ENERGETAB, held from 12 to 14 September 2017.

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